Chelsea Dental Clinic is the home of Dr Rhona Eskander’s world-famous Chelsea Look

And you’ll find plenty more. Like rejuvenating facial aesthetics, award-winning cosmetic dentistry, and everyday dental services to look after nature’s greatest gift – your smile.

The Chelsea Awards

We have recently been awarded the Future Forward Winner of the The Chelsea Awards.

#TheChelseaLook Story


In The Heart of Kensington & Chelsea

Life is better when you can smile with confidence. At Chelsea Dental Clinic, we offer the full range of cosmetic and general dentistry to help make sure perfect smiles stay that way.

Our talented team of cosmetic dentists offers a full range of gentle treatments like whitening, bonding, no-prep veneers and Invisalign straightening. You’ll also find everyday dentistry alongside specialist periodontal and endodontic services to keep your smile looking great, no matter what life throws at you.

It’s no wonder we are the team other dentists turn to for complex and advanced case referrals: From small improvements that make a huge difference, to life-changing smile makeovers, we’re proud to offer all-round dentistry you’ll feel great about for life.



Whether you want to own your flaws or achieve a picture-perfect Hollywood smile, you can do it all with bonding and veneers. We like to think of ultra-thin porcelain veneers as shellac for teeth, while bonding is more like letting a fine artist literally sculpt your perfect look.

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If you’ve ever looked into teeth straightening, you probably already know all about Invisalign – the removable clear aligner is a revolution in orthodontics. And where Invisalign’s concerned, you won’t find better than the Platinum Elite provider team here at Chelsea Dental Clinic.

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Missing teeth can make us feel self-conscious, unsociable and just plain fed up. But implants from Chelsea Dental Clinic mean you needn’t suffer any longer. Fabricated from biocompatible titanium and lifelike, functional porcelain – it’s no wonder many patients say implants are even better than the real thing.

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It takes more than just perfect teeth to make perfect smiles. And with the link between gum health and general health becoming ever clearer, why wouldn’t you choose the talented specialists at Chelsea Dental Clinic to look after gum health?

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That fresh-from-the-dentist sensation is hands-down one of the best things about dental appointments. With a whole host of hi-tech equipment and loads of advanced hygiene know-how, our team can help you achieve that feeling every single day.

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The throb of a deep tooth infection is second only to a broken heart on the pain scale. We think root canal work is best left to experts, so we’ve welcomed specialist endodontists to our team for comfortable, effective treatment guaranteed.

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Not everyone loves dental appointments. Whether it brings you out in a nervous sweat or the thought of treatment is enough to stop you from booking an appointment altogether, we’re here to help.

We’ve started by shaking up all that’s old fashioned and outdated about dentistry – creating a warm, welcoming vibe that’s more like a friendly salon that the dental clinics you might be used to.

And we’ve taken one step further in welcoming nervous and anxious patients by achieving Phobia-Certified status. The gentler kind of dentistry practised here at Chelsea Dental Clinic has won fans from across the country and has many former phobics looking forward to appointments.

Hiding Your Smile?


From primary colours to musketeers and wishes-come-true – all the best things come in threes.
That’s why Dr Rhona Eskander’s signature #ChelseaLook features a trifecta of top treatments to align, whiten and sculpt.


Our principal dentist Dr Rhona Eskander is an Advanced Invisalign provider, brand ambassador and lecturer, so it’s no wonder we love this revolutionary clear aligner.

Invisalign is almost impossible to spot and it’s also removable – perfect when you’d rather not draw attention.

Invisalign is just one of the options on offer from our extensive orthodontic range, which also includes the Inman Aligner for straightening in as little as eight weeks.

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As a key opinion leader for Philips’ Zoom and a global brand ambassador for Enlighten, Dr Rhona Eskander knows whitening. She’s also shared her whitening expertise on national TV.

With Chelsea, you can choose to brighten your smile in the clinic or from the comfort of home.

Either way, you’ll see amazing results and find out why Enlighten and Zoom! are the nation’s favourite when it comes to whitening.

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With minimally-invasive treatments like porcelain, resin and composite edge bonding, you’ll discover our team’s award-winning ability to make your smile just the way you want it.

These, along with Ultra-Thin porcelain veneers developed by Dr Rhona Eskander and Chelsea Dental Clinic’s laboratory, are the gentler way to repair blemishes and add amazing definition to your smile.

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Get The #ChelseaLook

There’s more than one way to create a winning smile. Our #ChelseaLook is the only makeover that lets you mix and match from six fabulous smile styles.

The tooth-by-tooth smile design process features our exclusive Ultra-Fine porcelain veneers, resin and edge bonding to create a look that’s 100% you.

From Hollywood perfection to a look that accentuates your natural quirks – when you want to work with our cosmetic team to design your perfect smile, you’ll find our Look Book packed full of inspiration.



Own your quirks and let your smile’s unique personality do the talking.


Gentle curves and soft lines combine to create a subtly feminine effect.


Hollywood says hello to Chelsea in our take on the all-white US smile.


Texture, translucency, shade – when mimicking nature, the devil is in the detail.


Keep the gap, tweak the gap or
close it altogether.


Composite bonding or exclusive Ultra-Thin veneers? Why not have the best of both.


Are Those Happy Tears!?

Read what patients are saying about Chelsea Dental Clinic
“I cried tears of joy during every single appointment and for someone who hated smiling I absolutely cannot stop smiling. Thank you so much, Rhona and the whole team at Chelsea Dental.”

New Found Confidence!

Read what patients are saying about Chelsea Dental Clinic
“I have always been self conscious about my teeth from a young age. From the moment I met Rhona and the team they made me feel at ease and directly addressed my concerns. Rhona left no stone unturned and utilised her expert team to deliver the best possible care.”

The Most Incredible Dental Team!

Read what patients are saying about Chelsea Dental Clinic
“The most incredible dental team! They spent so much time on me and informing me about what needs to be done. Dr Rhona would not let me start my treatment until my gums are in good condition. Excellent customer service. I can not wait to start my journey.”

In The Press

It’s not just patients who are talking. Tongues are wagging online, in the press and on TV – and it’s all good.

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Not Born to

Rhona’s the original IG dentist. Find out what she and the team have been up to on Insta.

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