Dental Implants

We’ll Make You Smile Again

Nothing drains our confidence quite like a failing smile. When teeth work loose and gaps appear, it can leave us feeling low on confidence and unable to face the day.

And setting things right can feel like an insurmountable challenge. That’s why dental implants are among our most life-changing treatments. They use body-safe titanium or zirconia implants to form a permanent bond with the jaw and act as a permanent new root for replacement teeth.

The result is a stunning and complete smile transformation – and a brand new smile that’s even better than the real thing.





“Had a tooth removed on two occasions with Richard. Very quick and professional, virtually painless.”

Why We Love Dental Implants

We like to think of implants as more than just dental treatment. Putting favourite foods back on the menu and a confident smile back on your face, implants can kickstart a profound boost in day-to-day wellbeing.

For denture wearers, implants mark the end of the daily fight with messy denture glue and an end to worries about dentures slipping out when you least expect it. And dental implants have unexpected health and anti-ageing benefits, too. They fuse with the jaw, preventing deterioration and loss of bone density. That’s not only great news for long-term health, it also reverses the sallow and sunken facial appearance caused by tooth loss.

Meet Chelsea’s Implant King

Chelsea Dental Clinic is home to Dr Richard Pollock, an implantology expert with years of experience in complex smile restorations.

Richard is one of only a handful of dentists to offer zirconia implants – a durable, metal-free and hypoallergenic alternative to titanium.

Working alongside a skilled team of restorative dentists, Richard provides same-day and All-on-Four Implants, as well as zygomatic implants, bone grafting and augmentation.

So, if you think your jawbone can’t support traditional implants, you may be surprised by what’s on offer here at Chelsea Dental Clinic.


What a difference a day makes. You can now experience a complete smile transformation in less than 24 hours with All-on-4 implants and Same Day Teeth. With reduced, rapid recovery you can visit the clinic in the morning and leave with your new smile in time for lunch.


Implant-retained dentures are a vast improvement over the traditional ones you’ve probably seen before. They stay securely fixed to a permanent titanium implant in the jawbone until you take them out, so you can finally throw out the denture glue.


Have you been told you don’t have sufficient jaw bone to support implants? Zygomatic implants from Chelsea Dental Clinic could be the ray of hope you’ve been waiting for. Zygomatic implants extend deep into the cheekbones for a secure and lasting fit.


Grafting and augmentation by our expert implantology team can strengthen and repair depleted jawbone, giving it the resilience needed to accept implants. If you’ve been told you can’t have implants, this could be the solution.