Let’s Get Fresh

Nothing beats that fresh-from-the dentist feeling. So, imagine feeling that good every single day.

You can with complete hygiene services from Chelsea Dental Clinic.

Whether you’re already on top of oral health or haven’t seen a dentist in ages, a little help from one of the UK’s leading hygienists and our gentle but effective cleaning tech will help you get on top of oral health and stay fantastically fresh, 24/7.





“Anna is the dental hygienist. Exceptional service and always always gives good self care advice to keep the teeth clean in-between visits…”

Feel the Flow

When it comes to dental hygiene, we have some smart tech up our sleeves. Developed in Switzerland, Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) swaps old-school techniques for a faster, more comfortable and effective hygiene experience.
GBT targets the invisible film of bacteria (biofilm) in the mouth with gentle but powerful AirFlow technology. The minimally invasive treatment dramatically cuts the time you spend in the chair from 20 minutes to just seven.

It works on the tongue and gums, not just the teeth. And because it’s so gentle, GBT not only feels great, it’s also perfect for cleaning braces, crowns, veneers and other delicate dental appliances.

London’s Hygiene Hero

We’re lucky to have one of the UK’s top hygienists right here at Chelsea Dental Clinic.

Our award-winning Anna Middleton is better known as The London Hygienist. Working alongside our talented hygiene and dental team, Anna offers tailored sessions to keep disease and decay at bay.

Anna and team are also ready with practical help and advice on keeping oral health on track.

Regular hygiene with Anna and Chelsea Dental Clinic gives you a guaranteed long-term wow-feeling. And if it’s been a while since your last appointment, don’t stress. Anna’s signature deep AirFlow clean cuts through plaque, stains and other nasties in a jiff.