Dr Aram Navai
Endodontic specialist

Root Canal

We Feel Your Pain

Ugh. There’s nothing quite like a toothache to ruin your day. And when an infection spreads to the tooth’s inner pulp, it can feel like your whole face is in the jaws of pain.

Root canal treatment gets right to the heart of the infection. And at Chelsea Dental Clinic, we’re changing the way our patients think about this most misunderstood of dental treatments.

To help us, we’ve enlisted a top endodontic (root canal) specialist with years of experience in pain-free and comfortable treatment.

So, If you’re suffering right now, read no further. Contact us for an emergency same-day appointment and let us get to the root of your pain.





“My experience at Chelsea Dental clinic has been to the highest standard from start to finish…”

Our Root Canal Specialist

Don’t leave it to a general dentist to soothe the ache of a deep tooth infection. We’d like you to meet specialist endodontist, Dr Aram Navai.

In medicine, not every Dr gets to call themselves a specialist – no matter how much of an expert they happen to be.

Aram achieved specialist endodontic status while working as a surgeon in top London hospitals, so you can be sure of being in great hands.

Root canal treatment from Aram and the Chelsea Dental Clinic team relieves infection, pain and swelling fast – with no extraction necessary.