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Specialist Endodontist

Specialist for root canal treatment


An endodontist is a dentist who has gone on to specialise in root canal treatments. This is what they do all day, every day - and in the case of our endodontist, they love it too. Our endodontist, Dr Daiva Pitkauskiene, can be found registered as a specialist endodontist on the GDC register. At Chelsea Dental Clinic she uses an epic microscope and the best materials to carry out root canal treatments.

Does it hurt to have root canal treatment?

Short answer: No

Dr Daiva Pitkauskiene is incredibly gentle (her patients always say so!). She is of complete understanding that the prospect of root canal treatment can be a little scary, so she takes time to talk and discuss before starting ensuring she explains everything and answers all questions. She is commended for her excellence in handling nervous patients. In fact, the experience is so comfortable, some patients have even fallen asleep during treatment. It is a testament to her skills as a specialist in root canal treatments that patients travel across London to see her. 


Dr Pitkauskiene is experienced in complex root canal treatments, including complicated anatomy, morphological anomalies, broken files and removal of posts. Where general dentists occasionally cannot find all the canals of a tooth, Dr Pitkauskiene never misses any due to her years of experience, combined with the use of advanced equipment, such as the use of a microscope. She is a very experienced specialist and understands the need to take our patients out of pain as gently and as quickly as possible.

Previous cases

pre-operative x-ray

post-operative x-ray

Re-root canal treatment of upper premolar with 3 canals.  

Seeing the specialist endodontist

We accept self-referrals as well as referrals from other dentists. 


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