Patient Stories

Below are some of our patients sharing what their dental treatment journey has been like.

Six Month Smiles patient testimonial

This lovely lady had Six Month Smiles and talks about why she decided to have treatment and how she feels having finally gotten the smile she wants

Mr Atella's life changes

The difference a new smile can make is evident after listening to Mr Atella's story, who grew his business after gaining confidence to speak to clients in person.

Colour match

Unhappy with the colour and shape of an old crown made long ago elsewhere, we made a new crown to better match the neighbouring teeth. 

Wedding smile patient testimonial

Mai decided to straighten her teeth with Six Month Smiles on a wedding date deadline and we made it!


Invisalign patient testimonial

Camilla had braces as a teenager and recently her teeth had started to move again. She got them back in place fast with Invisalign.

Jelyn's new smile

Jelyn sent this video in to us to share how much she loved her new smile after straightening them with Six Month Smiles.

5 months and 6 days

Six Month Smiles in less than 6 months is how fast we straightened out this patient's teeth and closed all her gaps!




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