Even the most meticulous of care won’t stop time, vino and other evils from catching up with our smiles eventually.

When teeth lose their original pearly-white shade, our leading teeth whitening treatments can help you reignite the spark.

There are hundreds of teeth whitening systems around – and we’ve selected two of the very best around.

Philips Zoom! and Boutique whitening are the perfect finishing touch to our Chelsea Look or on their own to keep your smile looking its day-to-day brilliant best.





“I had whitening and bonding with Dr Rhona. I am so so happy with the results…”

Introducing Philips Zoom!

Speed, convenience and effectiveness. What more could you want from teeth whitening?

Philips Zoom! Is a hi-tech light-activated whitening system which gets incredible results in a single 45-minute visit to Chelsea Dental Clinic.

Philips Zoom! Also come in a handy take-home kit so you can feet-up-and-whiten in your own home.

And whether you choose to whiten from home or in the clinic, you’ll find Philips Zoom! Packed with gentle desensitizing ingredients to prevent sensitivity

Boutique Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, Boutique is an award winner. It was designed by dentists who wanted their patients to get better whitening results with fewer trips to the dentist.

Boutique’s brilliance is thanks to a custom-fitted whitening tray designed and produced in collaboration with the Boutique laboratory using Chelsea Dental Clinic’s state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology. If you’d prefer to wear your whitening tray while pottering around the house, choose the day whitening kit. To whiten while you sleep, go for the night kit. Either way, you’ll get fantastic results from as little as three weeks of daily wear.