Bonding & Veneers

Art or Science?

Composite bonding and porcelain veneers combine craftsmanship and artistry with a pinch technical geekery to create next-level smile brilliance. Although very different, both techniques can treat a myriad of cosmetic concerns – from chips and cracks to contouring, discolouration and much more.

We like to think of cosmetic bonding as sculpture for the smile, in which our skilled dentists re-shape and recontour teeth using a specially formulated tooth-coloured compound.

Meanwhile, veneers are more like shellac for the teeth. The micro-thin covers are made from fine porcelain, chosen for its brilliant translucency and stunning likeness to real enamel.





“I had my teeth bonding, whitening and gum laser by Dr Rhona. She was amazing!”

Cosmetic Bonding

You may have head cosmetic bonding described as dental bonding or composite bonding. It’s a fantastically versatile treatment for chips and cracks. We can also apply cosmetic bonding to improve the smile’s symmetry, contouring and colour. And with a process called edge bonding, the composite resin can even close gaps between the teeth.

The overall effect is up to you. Bonding can achieve anything from brilliant Hollywood-style smiles, to a more natural look that accentuates your natural quirks, or something in between.

No wonder composite bonding is one of the star ingredients of our signature Chelsea Look.

Porcelain Veneers

If you want to see the sheer smile power of porcelain veneers at work, look to the big screen. Veneers have long been one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. But now the secret’s out and you no longer have to be an A-lister to enjoy an Oscar-winning smile.

When applying veneers, we use state-of-the-art digital planning and 3D design technology to design a look that’s perfect for you – right down to the last millimeter.

And with our Virtual Smile try-on suite, you can see the results before sitting down in our chair.



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