Dr Mitul Shah
Periodontal specialist


Don’t Forget Gums

In the quest for perfect smiles, healthy gums often take second place to brightness and whiteness.

But it shouldn’t be that way.

Looking after gum health is every bit as important as fantastic looking teeth when you want to look great, feel good and stay healthy. Forget about them and you risk a whole host of unpleasant side effects like bad breath, bleeding, soreness, gum disease, tooth loss and more. Here’s the good news. Staying on top of gum health with Chelsea Dental Clinic’s specialist periodontal services is easy – even if you feel it’s too late to start.





“I am so happy I found the Chelsea Dental Clinic!”

Meet Our Gum Guy

Regular hygiene appointments with Chelsea Dental Clinic are guaranteed to keep your gums in great day-to-day shape.

But if problems have already started, there’s someone you should meet. Our periodontal specialist Dr Mitul Shah is a hero in the front-line fight against gingivitis and gum disease.

And Mitul is not just an expert on gum hygiene. He can also treat recession, deformities, gummy smiles and other complex problems.


Sensitivity, bleeding and soreness are just some of the symptoms of gingivitis – the precursor to full-on gum disease. It’s caused when plaque and bacteria build up on the teeth and is easily treated with gentle scaling or GBT.

A more severe build-up of plaque and bacteria could lead to periodontitis (gum disease) and the loss of teeth. Gentle root planing gets rid of the gunk and stops gum disease in its tracks.


For more severe periodontitis, our leading perio specialist Mitul offers a range of advanced treatments, including surgery, gum grafts and gum lifts.

Grafts and lifts replace lost tissue to restore receding gum lines – one of the most common symptoms of gum disease.

And when too much gum is on show when you smile, laser gum contouring brings balance back to your smile.


Swiss-developed Guided Biofilm Technology (GBT) is a revolution in dental and periodontal hygiene. In just seven minutes, GBT targets the biofilm of bacteria covering gums and teeth with a gentle, yet powerful AirFlow cleaning.

GBT is much more comfortable than the traditional deep hygiene clean you might be used to. Regular GBT with our hygiene team leaves your teeth feeling fresh and your gums in 24/7 tip-top condition.